In my practice, my aim is to create a safe and relaxed environment and to bring to you a caring, mindful and healing touch to restore your body to its full strength and balance.

I will tailor your massage to your bodies needs through the
following massage techniques :

Swedish and Californian Massage

Comforting and reassuring, these techniques calm your nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation and well being, stimulating circulation and releasing tight muscles.

Chinese Massage

Energy harmonising, this massage uses Chinese meridians and acupressure points to stimulate and harmonise your bodies energy.



Sports Massage

Speeds up the healing of damaged or overworked tissue muscles by clearing out waste and toxins. Improves flexibility and the suppleness of muscles and joints. Minimising the aches and stiffness after physical activity as well as promoting relaxation. 


For your absolute comfort, a heated blanket and brushed cotton sheets will be used to keep you warm and help you to relax.  Only 100% Natural or Organic massage oils will be used and different essential oil synergies depending on your mood and bodies need, whether it be to relax, invigorate or to nourish sore muscles.

Member of the Fédération Française du Massage Traditionnel de Relaxation